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PRGF, an abbreviation for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, is an advanced autologous system of Platelet-Rich Plasma. It is sourced from the patient’s blood plasma to stimulate and accelerate tissue healing and regeneration. PRGF Endoret treatment has shown promising results as a hair loss treatment.


A growing body of research is finding that PRGF offers a range of health-related benefits. According to the National Institutes of Health, PRGF is yielding promising results as a recovery aid following oral surgical procedures, such as tooth extractions, periodontal surgery, and dental implant surgery.

  • Improved soft tissue regeneration.
  • Improved bone regeneration.
  • A biocompatible treatment with minimal, if any, side effect risks.
  • Zero chance of contracting a disease from PRGF treatment.

PRGF hair treatment is a fantastic non-surgical option for hair loss and thinning. Consult with a hair professional immediately if you wish to test this unique technique.


PRGF for hair loss is a straightforward process that takes about an hour or two to complete. The treatment begins with a hair specialist extracting blood from your body and centrifuging it. The platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood during centrifugation and injected into the scalp. When platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp, it produces growth factors that encourage the rejuvenation of existing hair and new hair development.  At least three treatment sessions are recommended to see new hair growth, separated by 4-6 weeks.

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