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Dr. Asif Shah

25 years of hair transplant surgeries! ! We specialise in face aesthetics, lasers, botox, fillers, thread lifts and fat reduction surgeries.
We provide state of art treatment for active acne and its residual scarring.

Our philosophy is based upon professional ethical conduct, mutual trust and teamwork.
We challenge, reevaluate, and continuously raise our standards of excellence to provide
our patients with the best Natural Hair Services and the finest Natural looking Hair

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Our Services

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the 'donor site', to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'.

Laser Treatment

Laser therapies are medical treatments that use focused light. Light from a laser (which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is tuned to specific wavelengths.

Fat Reduction

Fat removal procedures are used mostly in cosmetic surgery with the intention of removing unwanted adipose tissue.

Face Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics is the term we use to describe the range of non-surgical treatments our practice offers to temporarily soften expression lines and define certain facial features

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is defined by difficulty getting and keeping an erection. More than half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 experience some form of ED.

Why Choose Us

Our philosophy is based upon professional ethical conduct, mutual trust and teamwork. We challenge, reevaluate, and continuously raise our standards of excellence to provide our patients with the best Natural Hair Services and the finest Natural looking Hair Transplantation.

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The Patient’s Desires

We listen to and consider each patient’s desires in preparing an individualized hair restoration plan.  The plan is based not only on how we feel, but  more  importantly  it  is  based on what the patient needs.   We understand the anxiety, the inconvenience, and  the  burden  caused  by  surgery. With our Natural Look Hair Transplant Technology, most hair restoration can be completed in two “Mega” hair transplant sessions.

Quality Team Work

The Asifz Hair Transplant Team was created to perform a better, quicker and safer hair transplant Surgery.

In contrast to other surgeries, hair transplant procedures rely on a physician to perform surgery, a designer to design a hairline and technicians to prepare and transplant hair grafts.

 Hair transplantation is a tedious and labor intensive procedure. A team of 4 to 6 people is typically required to perform a “Mega” session (3500+ grafts) for five to eight hours. We believe that good teamwork is essential to a successful hair transplantation.

Our Satisfied Clients

Muhammad AliNovember 5, 2021
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Had great experience there. Very kind and helpful staff especially Mr. Yasir. Amazing results - Natural transplants
Kashif SehgalSeptember 26, 2021
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Referred one of my family member for hair transplant and they were all praise about Dr. Asif and his team. Truly an amazing surgeon with highest standards of professionalism and care.
Zayyan FarooqSeptember 26, 2021
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I have visited Dr. Asif, he was very professional, friendly, and explained everything in extreme details. I went for the skin laser surgery, and was very successful. I was very happy with the outcome and 100% satisfied. His services and dealing with the patient is outstanding. I would truly recommend him for my friends, family and anyone that needs aesthetic related surgeries. I consider him as qualified and top rated Dr. in Aesthetics genes
Omer KhanSeptember 26, 2021
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I have visited the clinic. found all the staff very friendly, humble and caring. especially I appreciate Dr. Asif's skills indeed. He is a highly qualified, skilled and trained professional. I recommend my friend, family and colleagues that do not hasitate to get solve their problems in Asifz Aesthetic Surgery Center as I got my problem solved. I give 5 stars.
Sohail AhmedSeptember 27, 2021
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One of the best staff. very cordial and humble. Dr. Asif himself is a learned and honest person. strongly recommended. Beautiful results - Dense hair grafts.
Sheraz KhanOctober 26,2021
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Wonderful place state of the art equipments and affordable packages.
Shahrukh NiaziOctober 26, 2021
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I have come to know about Dr. Asif from Social Media through one of their Ad and decided to pay a visit to Peshawar from Lahore. I was having an extreme hair loss since 3 months and didn't want to waste more time. Dr. Asif sahab did a thorough checkup and recommended the latest treatment called PRGF. I have taken 2 sessions over the period of 21 days. I have noticed great improvement in my first session and took the second on the 23rd of October. No hair fall is observed after the treatment and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Thank you very much.
Sahibzada AneesOctober 13, 2021
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Best services in town. Asifz Aesthetic Surgery Center has earned a good repute for their quality services and post procedures care.
Waseeeq Ur rehmanSeptember 26, 2021
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Their machines, setup and services are too good..... U can get everything regarding aesthetics under one roof. Dr. Asif himself is a great person and give details about everything himself. Their Nd YAG laser machines are one of the best in KPK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BEST SETUP IN PESHAWAR FOR AESTHETICS SERVICES...

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